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Normal web part
Normal view of web part
Web part with context menu
Web part showing context menu
Web part showing drag/drop
Drag and Drop
Configuration Options
Document Library Explorer Configuration

The following features are provided by Document Library Explorer.

  • Compatible with both WSS 2.0/SPS 2003 and WSS v3/MOSS 2007
    Specifically designed versions available for both platforms.
  • Expandable/collapsible treeview
    A treeview control to allow you to navigate through folders within a document library
  • Drag and Drop
    The ability to move or copy files between folders within a particular library, or between two different libraries using drag and drop*
  • Breadcrumb control
    Provides another option for navigation
  • Fileviewer Pane
    Contents pane provides many of the features of a standard list view web part, such as the ability to sort and specify which columns are available in the view. The contents pane also provides the popup edit menus available in list views for editing, check-in/checkout, version history etc.
  • Browse document libraries from various sources
    Ability to point the web part to a document library within another Sharepoint Portal area or WSS site collection
  • Template Libraries ** 
    Configure Document Library Explorer to a SharePoint document library that contains documents used for templates. Clicking on the "New Document" button on the toolbar will show a drop down menu from which you can select a template document. The resulting file will be then saved in the document library pointed to by Document Library Explorer.
  • Toolbar
    Provides functions similar to the listview web part for creating new documents and folders, and uploading documents
  • Configurable
    Many configuration options to switch on or off features as desired
  • Enhanced paging
    enables both forward and back movement through paged data, as well as an indicator for page numbers
  • Advanced state management
    Allow multiple instances of the webpart to be present on the same webpart page without relying on query strings. State management also remembers where you are within a library, so that if you need to browse away from the page for a short period, you will be taken back to the correct folder or page on your return
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* Drag and drop functionality requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater.
** Template libaries feature applicable to the WSS 2.0/SPS 2003 version. Alternative on MOSS 2007 and WSS v3 provided via Content Types